There are numerous lessons to be learned by the insightful and creative illustrations in this book. It should be read by anyone interested in changing his or her life through honest self-examination.

~ Chris A. Esteves, Ph.D. Lifeway Church Ministries

Sets a recipe for change... The recipe: a believer's heart and mindset, mixed well with the word of God – extracting any doubt – can produce a new you!

~ Joe C. Hopkins, Esq., Publisher, The Pasadena/San Gabriel Valley Journal News

The Action Steps encourage the reader to use the book as a tool for changing a mindset, helping them realize that making such change will impact every area their life in a positive way.

~ Apostle Will Wheat, New Creation Christian Faith Center

If you've been searching for the keys to renewing your mind, and developing the understanding and necessary action steps to becoming a champion in every area of your life...THEN THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU! Get ready to remove the limits and boundaries that are hindering God's best in your life.

~ Brian A. Walker, Assistant Chief of Police

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