Extreme Makeover of the Mind (Paperback)


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You have probably heard this statement: “I can do anything I set my mind to do.” Many people have said this at one time or another— maybe even you—but have never really experienced it. The reason that a lot of individuals have challenges in their lives and suffer mentally and emotionally is due to the people, places and things they have experienced in the past. These experiences have shaped their belief system and caused them to think, feel, and act a certain way throughout their lives.

Whether they realize it or not, many folks have not changed in various areas of their lives because of their mindsets or thought patterns (which become strongholds). They act the way they act, because they believe the way they believe. If a person’s belief system is not affected or altered by the truth of God’s Word, his or her faith will always be weak and unproductive. Why? Because they have not totally believed God’s Word for their life, consequently, their faith has no righteous foundation from which to function. Faith is acting on what you believe. And they ignorantly continue to live according to their old mindset, which thrives on the things of the flesh and the world. I cannot act differently if I do not believe differently about my life, purpose, family and future. Stinking thinking will destroy you!

Oftentimes, a man’s success is the result of his mindset, mentality, and attitudes—along with belief, faith, and the discipline necessary for change or improvement. This book is a practical, yet theological and philosophic reading intended to reach every person where they are in life. Most people find it difficult to change, to win in life—whether it’s to lose weight, to overcome various obstacles, or to exercise discipline on a regular basis. This is because there’s no propensity to believe, think, and stay focused on getting results due to pre-programming by their past experiences, relationships, hurts, and pain. If I do not know how to reset or re-program my mind according to the will and order of God for my life, I will remain stuck, defeated, and inconsistent in my walk with God.

This book will prove to be a wise, instructive, and safe guide for those seeking to thread their way through biblical and contemporary research steps in order to alter their ways of thinking for an extreme makeover. With this book’s practical help, readers can set or reset their minds and way of thinking to build a healthy, enlightened mindset that will glorify God and get them positive results. The action steps to mental and spiritual success are in this book. After you finish reading and obtaining the necessary information for change, you will be well equipped. Being prepared, encouraged, and ready to start, you will find yourself evaluating your own mindset, beliefs, values, environments, and media programming. You will begin to evaluate the things that have had an influence on you and that have shaped your beliefs and character, along with successes and failures. If you desire change or improvement in life, these simple tried-and-true methods will provide you the tools you need to develop a champion’s mindset for victory in life.


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