Take Control CD Series (5-CD set)




In this series you will learn: 

  • The importance of altering your mindset and beliefs
  • How to confront denial and be honest with yourself
  • How to conquer crippling emotions while understanding the value of emotions.
  • How to break bad habits that prevent you from advancing
  • How to develop the discipline needed for your success

In this series of Power Talks you will discover and gain the tools necessary to live the life that you’ve dreamed of having, free from things that hold many people back from fulfilling their purpose!

Included in this series:

Cd 1 – Altering Your Mindset
Cd 2 – Overcoming Denial
Cd 3 – Conquering Crippling Emotions
Cd 4 – Destroying Destructive Habits
Cd 5 – Developing Discipline for Your Destiny


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