Power Sessions We Offer:

FREE Monthly Live Webinar

Join the free live monthly webinar with people from around the country who have read the book and are on a journey to change. You’ll learn wisdom keys to change in various areas of your life and hear testimonies of how people took the plunge and the decision they made to change.

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One Day Training and Development Power Session

“Connect, Change, and Grow”

Do you want more out of life? This Power Circle will equip YOU with the necessary information, practical tools and resources needed to shift, change and grow both personally and professionally!

No matter where I’ve worked, I’ve noticed a recurring pattern of what creates success at work and in different types of relationships over the last 20 years. The more I’ve followed these principles and patterns, the more success I’ve found. I will share with you the tools and behaviors required that could launch your career, vision or business.

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Personal Coaching Sessions

We have several counselors and coaches here to help you achieve the change and greatness God has placed you here on earth for! Register now for a 30-min Private Session (Personal life, Business or Marriage) for only $40 and someone will return your call within 24 hours!  *The fee for a private coaching session with Anthony McFarland is different.

In reviewing my answers to each question in the Extreme Makeover Challenge, I would liken this process to having an eye examination. Accomplishing the objectives in this challenge has helped me grow a lot!

~ Ms. Ann Boswell

My role along with our team is to be a mentor or that of a life fitness trainer to first listen and have you complete a life questionnaire, then help you identify why you are where you are and the just what it is that you want to achieve. To help you identify what needs to change, along with assisting you in identifying obstacles and road blocks (mindsets and beliefs) that have hindered you from succeeding in different areas of your personal life, family, marriage, relationships or your career. We also want to help you and co-create a clear action plan for success, which includes assignments to be completed between sessions.

We will support you and hold you accountable throughout the Extreme Makeover Challenge and Personal Power Sessions allowing you to take risks, open up and explore new ideas or trains of thought (addressing what’s shaped your belief system and behaviors) while giving you the space and security to change bad habits and or negative thinking and emotions that can cripple a person. Again, we will assist in clarifying and assessing your thoughts, approaches to life, ideas and goals by asking specific and sometimes challenging questions which may also uncover resistances that have held you back in life.

This challenge has refueled me and made me dig deep inside myself spiritually and naturally. There is no price I can put on what the challenge has done for me!

~ Ms. Mussin